The Court Dilemma!

What is a legal bundle?

A court bundle is a set of documents that contains copies of all the papers that are relevant to a court case. The reason why court bundles are widely used is because it is just one set of papers. Thus, the hearing proceeds quickly and no time is wasted finding the right document.

The Dilemma With Traditional Court Books

Traditional labour-intensive court or internal bundling generally consists of bulk documents printed, duplicated, collated, and couriered to the parties involved. This incurs significant costs at every stage, starting from the paper, ink and printers used, to the time needed to put all the documents together. Add in the cost of a secure courier service, as well. And, as the case progresses, the entire bundle must be constantly updated for every party, involving additional time and expenditure.

Despite all the above, hard copy court bundles are inherently insecure. They’re always at the risk of being lost, stolen and accessed without permission.

What is driving courts / firms to embrace technology now?

COVID has brought it to the forefront
The number of Litigious matters has gone up dramatically and this has led to increased case backlog
Paper management has become a nightmare due to retrieval and storage of case documents
Administering justice cost reduction calls are growing
Demand for transparency and increased public accountability is on the rise
Requests for access to information and remote interaction with the court are increasing

BundlePro automates processes and workflows, reducing errors in processing cases and creating audit trails.

The additional savings of going paperless for firms are substantial:

Zero Cost of Paper
Zero Cost of Paper Storage
Reduced Environmental Impact of using Paper
Reduced Resource Required
Reduced Staff Time
Less Stationary Overheads

Your litigation teams will thank you for investing in bundlepro.

BundlePro. Better Briefs, Binders & Bundles!